Calling all small business owners with a dollar and a dream!

Welcome to Briana Knows Ads, your one-stop resource for everything related to digital marketing. I’m Briana Ford, your favorite Certified Ads Specialist and friendly tour guide on this advertising adventure.

Briana Knows Ads has a mission-critical goal: to simplify the complex world of digital marketing.


I started Briana Knows Ads as an agency in 2020 after working as a Senior Social Media Buyer since 2016. I created and managed ad campaigns for businesses that wanted to reach their ideal customers and clients. I even learned how to run ads for my own businesses! I’ve been in the trenches, waded through the jargon, and navigated the ever-changing digital ad landscape.

But I saw a gap. Small business owners needed to learn precisely what we, as agencies, were doing and how to determine if the investment was money well spent. And that was just for the ones who could afford to outsource it! Most business owners were often left to fend for themselves, bombarded with tech-speak and invoices to pay but no results to show for them.

AHA! “Something, something, leading horses to water…” I mumbled to myself. “What if I educated them instead of just doing the work for people? Gave them the knowledge, resources, and confidence to take their digital marketing into their own hands.” And so, the shift began.


Briana Knows Ads’ training approach was tested at my full-time job: Community Manager of Meta Elevate. It has now evolved to focus on digital marketing education, creating accessible and digestible training and resources. Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, I’ve got you covered.

Most experts answer “who, what, where, when, and why” decently. I specialize in answering the question “how.”

Don’t worry; I won’t bore you with jargon or overwhelm you with too much information. As Erica Sinclair of Stranger Things would say: just the facts! My style is always light, approachable, and, most importantly, understandable.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a small business owner looking to scale, or even a seasoned pro wanting to brush up your skills, you’re in the right place. We’re officially play cousins, and you’re stuck with me!

Time to make some digital marketing magic happen!